Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a new bridge being built?
Built in 1958, the bridge has weathered over 50 years of unforgiving New England weather and continually growing traffic (approximately 135,000 cars and trucks per day!). The bridge must be replaced to continue to support the growing traffic demands of this crossing of the West River.

When will the highway construction start?
Highway construction is scheduled to begin in Spring 2014.

How can I find up-to-date information about lane closings and traffic delays?
To receive the most current traffic information regarding construction and closures, you can sign up for E-Traffic alerts here.

When will bridge construction be complete?
Construction is currently scheduled for completion in Fall 2018.

What is involved in the construction of the bridge?
Prior to construction of the bridge work construction of a temporary work trestle over water and wetlands will be erected. This will allow access to construct the substructure/piers. The 5 new piers for the bridge rest on driven concrete piles. Concrete substructure rest on the pile groups and the structural steel superstructure is placed on the piers followed by a concrete deck and asphalt overlay.

Won’t all the lane changes be confusing for traffic?
There are three major traffic shifts planned for I-95 as part of this project. These shifts are incorporated into the project plans to allow the new West River Bridge to be constructed (and the existing bridge to be demolished) on the existing I-95 highway alignment. Line striping and signage will be installed on the highway, and traffic alerts will be issued to advise drivers of the shifts in advance. Notices of these shifts will also be posted on the following websites: ConnDOT or i95WestRiver. Local media outlets will also be notified in advance of each significant traffic shift.

Is the West River Project part of the Q-Bridge Corridor Program?
No, the replacement of the West River Bridge and Reconstruction of I-95 is an independent State project from the Q-Bridge Corridor Improvement Program. Information on the Q-Bridge Program please visit